Monday, April 23, 2012

The Digital Ink Spot Review of 'Banished'

Review - Banished: The Gods Among Us by William L. Deen @WilliamDeen

Banished: The Gods Among Us: Book One
When reviewers say a book is a page turner, this one is. When reviewers say a book is too good to put down, this one is. I highly recommend it.

Did I judge the book by the cover? Yes, I did. I see a lot of covers and this one needs help. If I can offer any advice it's this; change the cover. Now, what I found inside was a pleasant surprise. This story rocked. I have a personal interest in the stories of the old gods. This brought new life to old stories. William L. Deen is a talented writer. The characters come alive like magic. The tension and excitement is felt from beginning to end. It begins with a court drama torn from the pages of god-like headlines and transforms into a chase across space and time.

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